About Us

29-Llegada a Petra


My name is Eduardo Santamaría, when I was a child I felt attracted to travel and to learn about destinations, near and far. That caught my attention because fascinating places filled my mind with dreams and fantasies.

Along the path of life … those I met, I was aware of place after place and realizing all my dreams … but I found problems that became obstacles that did not help. It was ignorance, apathy and low professionalism of the travel agents at the time.

I thought that the tourism market needed to be filled with a travel agency that focus on the people and not through a cashier and as a human being who needed assistance, knowledge, professionalism and love for their investment.

Thus was born RASARA TRAVEL, a travel agency specializing in fulfilling the dreams of his friends. Making them feel great from the moment they make contact with us.

RASARA TRAVEL is not just a travel agency, we go beyond. We are an investment advisory office because today vacations are an investment. An investment that should be handled by experts aware of what they offer.

In RASARA TRAVEL we study and think seriously about their vacations, schedule and we take responsibility for our client and friend from the moment that they are leaving home until they arrive and start thinking about the next vacation.

If you already purchased your vacation online or by phone, then it is time to seek a helping hand, it is time to have a consultant who will give you the treatment that you deserve. You need a person with heart and soul that cares about your investment.

During any crisis you always will have more service, better quality, peace of mind and, less time to lose.
Relax, Relax, RASARA TRAVEL LLC is here.

We also provide service hotel and rental car through national and international network of global distribution …. And finally

– International packages to our most frequent destinations such as Aruba, Curacao, St. Marteen, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico,  USA and Canada.

I have taken several cruises to different parts of the world, in the Caribbean, the Mediterranean Sea, Alaska. I have lived and I have  enjoyed the cruise and therefore consider myself a specialist in cruising.

However, the journey that we believe the most complete and spectacular of all is our specialty :


We work with cruise lines as world’s most famous are:

–         Celebrity Cruises

–         Royal Caribbean

–         Carnival

–         Holland America

–         Princess

We customize Cruises’ groups and we offer conference rooms and audiovisual equipment at no additional cost. We give to our customers enjoying meals, entertainment and daily shows in an atmosphere of luxury and comfort like no other destination can offer truly competitive prices.

Traveling on cruise ship is one of the best dreams come true!!!!

Rasara Travel (Venezuela)

Centro Comercial El Placer II, Piso 2, Ofic 17

El Placer, Caracas

(212) 962-0002,(212) 962-1207

(212) 9621822


Rasara Travel LLC (USA)

2121 Corporate Square Blvd – Suite 135
Jacksonville, FL 32216

(904) 422-6124
(904) 322-8969



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